Descale and Sanitize Your Keurig with This Simple Cleaning Method

Considering that temperatures are low, and the holiday spirit is high, it’s safe to say that your Keurig coffee maker has seen a lot of action lately, between brewing your daily cup of morning coffee and putting your own spin on seasonal delights like peppermint mochas or chai lattes. Yet, if you use a Keurig coffee maker, you should know that your machine isn’t bacteria or buildup-proof, even if it seems to require minimal care. The good news is that all it takes is a simple 4-step program to take your Keurig from grimy to glistening. Check it out below:

Step 1: Empty the Reservoir and Fill with Cleaner

Turn off your Keurig before you begin cleaning. Then, fill the machine to the maximum waterline with white vinegar. Be sure not to dilute the vinegar – you want it to retain as much cleaning and descaling power as possible. You can also spring for a specialty cleaner, like the Keurig Cleaning Solution.

Step 2: Run the Coffee Maker Until the Reservoir Is Empty

Place a mug on the drip tray, turn on the machine, select the largest cup setting, and allow the Keurig to work its magic. Just be sure to lift up the handle before starting this process, to ensure that there isn’t a pod inside. Continue to run this cycle, emptying the mug as you go, until “Add Water” lights up.

Step 3: Rinse With Water

Allow your Keurig to stand with the power on for at least four hours after the "Add Water" indicator appears. Then, remove the reservoir from the machine and rinse it with water to remove any remaining vinegar (and the residue you’ve inevitably dug up!).

Step 4: Wash Out the White Vinegar

To finalize cleaning, fill the reservoir with water until you reach the max fill line. Place the section back into the machine and run the largest cup setting until the reservoir is empty. Your machine is now ready to use! To keep your Keurig running efficiently, be sure to repeat this process every 3 to 6 months.

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