These 3 Apartment-Friendly Plants Can Live on Very Little Light

Being a plant parent can be rewarding – as long as your green babies do not die, of course. That’s why watching their water and sunlight intake is one of the most important things you must-do if you’re looking after a plant of your own. Unfortunately, different needs for different plants can make this task easier said than done. Thankfully, these eye-catching plant selections look great and require little light, so they’re easier for apartment dwellers to care for. Which one will you bring home?

Snake Plants

Snake Plants are a natural choice for any amateur gardener. That’s because these sturdy plants require very little of its owners to keep growing! Snake Plants grow upward, resulting in a modern, simplistic look. Plus, you can somewhat control how large they grow by monitoring their sunlight intake. Promote slow, controlled growth by keeping them out of direct sunlight, or follow the opposite advice for a more lively, full plant.

Golden Pothos

Also known as the “Devil’s Ivy,” Golden Pothos are known for being resistant to death. In fact, these plants can thrive in nearly any condition – even under harsh fluorescent lighting or in dark corners of your apartment home. The Golden Pothos has a crisp green color perfect for perking up your space, and because the plant looks great in a traditional or hanging planter, you can play with either option for a trendy look.

Monstera Deliciosa

You might not know this plant by name, but you’ve surely seen it all over social media feeds. The Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the “Swiss Cheese Plant” because of the holes in its leaves, has large, heart-shaped palm leaves and is native to tropical climates. This plant looks incredible and is also incredibly easy to care for, thanks to its ability to withstand low light and semi-dry conditions.

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